Heat Reflective Roof Painting

Heat Reflective Roof Painting

Heat Reflective Paint to combat Australia's harsh climate

Astec Paints have used reflective technology in its development of Energy Star exterior paints and coatings that effectively combat harsh climate conditions. Whilst reflecting heat, membrane products are also highly flexible and substrates stay cooler and create less expansion and contraction. The substantial efficiencies this can provide in cooling buildings, provides a genuine alternative to bulk insulation with measurable cost savings in many areas.

The Energy Star exterior paints and coatings significantly improve a buildings' energy efficiency. These paint coatings prevent heat from building up by reflecting light. Astec Paints cool coating technology has received industry acceptance and is GECA certified.

Heat Reflective roof painting not only saves you money in greater energy efficiency it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions through reducing the need for cooling equipment by lowering internal building temperatures.

In Australia, there is an organisation called Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), which sets voluntary environmental performance standards in accordance with IS0 14024.