Outdoor Timber and Decks

Outdoor Timber and Decks

Timber is increasingly being used in modern architecture as a feature element, rather than being hidden away. Protecting this timber requires a modern and technologically advanced approach. Don't spend your time reoiling decks, get the job done right by Bob De Groot Painting Contractors and your timber surfaces will stay in top condition, even in weathered areas.

Step 1: Wood surface is stripped using Peelaway

PEEL AWAY is a revolutionary patented concept in paint removal. The PEEL AWAY system has been specially formulated to remove multiple layers of paint in one clean fast application.

Step 2 : Remove Stains

Once the wooden boards are free of paint and grime the surface is covered with Haymes Wood Care Stain Remover to bring the wood back to its maximum condition. For over 75 years, Haymes has built its reputation on using the best ingredients that money can buy and never taking shortcuts on quality. This ethos flows through to the range of Simply Woodcare products.

Step 3: Prime the Boards

Once stains have been removed the timber boards are primed with Haymes Uvex Clear Primer.

UVEX Primer plays a vital role in the UVEX dual layer system. It provides adhesion, water repellence, mould and fungal protection and also stabilises the timber surface to provide a sound foundation for the UVEX topcoat.

The use of UVEX Primer significantly improves the adhesion and overall durability of the UVEX Finish topcoat.

Step 4: Apply the Top Coat

This long-lasting premium finish protects exterior timber with industry-leading technology. The UVEX finish incorporates HALS (hindered amine light stabilisers)/UVA synergistic UV protection, with the synergy between the HALS and UV absorbers delivering exceptional performance and protection for your timber. When applied over UVEX Primer, the UVEX Timber Finish provides a dual layer that delivers outstanding UV protection whilst maintaining the timber’s natural appeal. The end result will provide you with a long-lasting, low maintenance solution that repels water and looks fantastic.

If you have areas of outdoor timber that could use a freshen up contact Bob De Groot Painting Contractors and get the job done right.