Painting in High Places

Painting in High Places

High and Hard to reach areas

Bob De Groot Painting Services own a selection of high access equipment such as cherrypickers, swinging stages and scaffolding. This equipment along with the OH&S training we give our staff enable us to tender on larger projects and projects that may be out of the capability of other Hobart painting contractors.

Our painting tradesmen and apprentices are our greatest asset and we therefore pay particular interest in ensuring that their working environment is safe.

We also have a wide range of specialised building and restorative painting equipment such as spray guns, pressure cleaners, and lead removal equipment.

Safety and Peace of Mind

De Groot Painting Services takes its Occupational Health and Safety very seriously to protect our tradespeople and consumers.

Wherever possible to meet our workplace responsibilities we use a trailer mounted boom lift to reach those high and out of the way places.

Next time you have a painting job that requires special attention contact De Groot Painting Services.