Plaster Repairs

Plaster Repairs Internal and External

Qualified Tradesmen, Lasting Results

De Groot Painting Services have qualified plasterers on hand so you can not only get that annoying plaster repair completed, but also your painting as soon as the plaster is dry. We also specialise in the reinforcement of badly cracked exterior and interior walls and ceilings. These cracks can reappear again and again if not professionally reinforced. These problems are inherent to old solid plaster walls and ceilings and rendered masonry brick exterior walls. It is proven that a reinforced wall or ceiling surface will outlast non reinforced surfaces by decades according to independent tests completed in other countries and personal experience. We have available the product to do all the above and more. Please contact us or arrange a quote to repair your problem internal and external walls or ceilings.

Tasmanian Distributors for Crakgon

Simple, easy to use, paint on application
Perfect for unsightly hair cracks on plastered walls or repairing cracking or peeling paint

We recommend this easy-to-apply solution to our customers.

Plaster repairs can be completed as part of your painting service
Prior to using Crakgon
Applying Crakgon to a crack in the ceiling
The finished ceiling after application of Crakgon