Roof Painting

Specialists in Roof Painting

De Groot Painting Contractors guarantee all types of roof painting, including glazed roof tiles, with a ten year Master Painters guarantee.

Many other Hobart painters won't guarantee repainting of glazed qarry tiled roofs (furnace heated roof tiles), however Bob De Groot Painting Contractors and sourced and tested quality roofing paint that adheres very well to glazed tiles and can enhance the look of your roof for many years to come. We take pride in our work & ensure the job is done right, the first time. Roofs are re-sealed after pressure washing and also after the removal of moss and lichen if there is any present.

Roof with existing paint peeling off

Painting and restoring a deteriorated tile roof prior to selling your property can greatly enhance the value instead of selling a property with a sad looking roof.

Prepared for pressure washing

Our Services

When you have your roof repainted by Bob De Groot Painting Services, these are the things we do for you:

  • Re-screw or repair your roof as necessary
  • Pressure clean the roof in order to remove all loose paint, dirt, moss and lichen.
  • Rust treat the roof to all areas with anti-corrosive metal primer.
  • Apply two coats of premium quality acrylic roof coating in the colour of your choice
  • All excess materials and rubbish will be removed and your yard left clean and as tidy as possible.
  • Your roof now looks fabulous!
After pressure washing

New – Environmentally Sustainable Heat Reflective Roof Painting

Bob De Groot now offer Heat Resistant Roof painting. The Energy Star exterior paints and coatings significantly improve a buildings' energy efficiency. These paint coatings prevent heat from building up by reflecting light. Astec Paints cool coating technology has received industry acceptance and is GECA certified. Find out more about Environmentally Sustainable Roof Painting.

Tile sealer applied with back section first coated with colour
Finished result