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Garage Concrete Floor surfaces

Hard Wearing Garage Floor Coatings

Bob DeGroot Painting contractors, in association with Haymes paints, have a range of low VOC water based epoxy paint for use in commercial properties and and residential homes.

The Haymes Ultimate Two-Pack Polyurethane is a unique, water-based acrylic polyurethane. It’s low VOC formula is suitable for brush, roller or spray application. The product is a quick-drying coating that can be applied over an epoxy basecoat to provide a tough coating system that resists UV, weather and yellowing and offers  superior chemical and abrasion resistance properties, ideal for hardworking surfaces like garage floors. The two-pack polyurethane is a high-performance product offering exceptional durability. Available in Gloss Clear and Satin Clear as well as Satin tintable finish.

Our painting contractors are fully trained by Haymes Paints in the correct application of their products. Floors painted by Bob De Groot contractors have superb film properties, adhesion, and surface hardness and  provide excellent chemical and high water resistance. The epoxy range is available in a Clear Gloss, Clear Satin and Satin Tint aligned formulation

De Groot Painting Services tradesmen are fully qualified and insured