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 Winner of the 2019 Awards for Excellence

Winner of the 2019 Master Painters Vic/Tas

Heritage Painting Award

Tasmania’s longest serving painting company Est 1950

Hobart Heritage Painting Specialists

If you own a heritage building and are thinking of repainting you should consider before commencing your project

1. The paint currently on the wall, and the condition of the surface.

Our team of painters are all fully trained in assessing paint requirements for provincial heritage / historic sites.

We help you analyze the paint and make recommendations for repair or stabilization of wall surfaces. This is especially important if your home is of significant historic importance.

2. The appropriate colors and styles of decorative painting for your home

The architecture of your home will provide you with good clues on what would have been typical décor of the time.

Our painting consultants can help you identify suitable paint colours and motifs for decorative embellishments.

We can also advise you on how your colour preferences will work under different light sources.

3. Have lead paint professionally removed

Most houses in Hobart built prior to 1975 are likely to need lead paint removal.

Lead paint is highly dangerous - particularly for small children.

If you've recently purchased a heritage listed home and are thinking of decorating, call us to undertake an obligation free inspection to ensure your property is free from lead paint.

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Professional, safe lead paint removal

Plus we help you with colour matching

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