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Tasmania’s longest serving painting company Est 1950

Rejuvenate surfaces with our sandblasting systems

Removal of paint using the Torbo blasting system from old timber window frames at Huon Manor in Huonville.

Efficient, sustainable  Surface Rejuvenation in Tasmania

Bob De Groot painting contractors can now offer the Torbo blasting system to speed up paint removal from a range of surfaces.

The torbo blasting systems permit virtually dust-free, eco-friendly, and effective sandblasting. This special blasting process meets the highest standards of precise and specific cleaning performance.

Wet abrasive blasting is also known as vapor blasting, vapor abrasive blasting, wet sandblasting, dustless blasting and wet blasting and is a dustless way to remove cracked and peeling paint and prepare surfaces for recoating.

The process produces 95% less dust, 60% less consumption of blasting material and water and is 100% sustainable.

Chemical Free Graffiti Removal
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Remove paint from sandstone houses
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Remove paint from brickwork
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Restore Sandstone stonework

We recently rejuvenated the stonework on the Gretna Green hotel. This had years of paint and mortar buildup which was all safely removed with our new Torbo high pressure system. The stonework was undamaged by the process. Increase the value of your stone home by having our contractors restore your stonework.

Before Turbo Sandblasting

After Turbo Sandblasting

Safe & effective Graffiti Removal in Hobart

Torbo wet abrasive blasting equipment blasts with a gentle pressure of 1 to 4 bar (14 to 58 psi) , preventing water from penetrating the masonry and causing long-term problems. High pressure cleaners work with up to 500 bar, too high a pressure for most buildings and chemical removal can be toxic.

Bob De Groot painting contractors now offer a safe and effective method to safely remove graffiti without damaging the underlying surface.

Cleaning Brickwork

The same methods can be utilised to clean paint and gunk from brickwork leaving the underlying surface undamaged.

Restoring antique timber door at Huon Manor in Huonville using the Torbo sandblasting system.

Restore Timber Surfaces

Using the Torbo blasting system, Bob De Groot painting contractors are able to effectively remove old paint from wood, timber window frames and old timber doors, bringing the surface back to its original form, ready for varnishing.

Remove years and layers of paint quickly and efficiently.

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Safe removal of Lead Paint

Incorrect removal of lead paint can lead to lead poisoning. Trust Bob De Groot tradesmen to remove it safely

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