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Marine Painting

Marine Painting

Why repaint your boat?

Bob De Groot Paint Services specialise in all types of marine painting including stripping of existing paints (all types) and repainting.

We use and recommend ALTEX High Performance Protective Marine Coatings. Contact us for a free quote.

Repainting your boat does more than maintain your boat's appearance. A quality marine paint will help keep the boat's surfaces free of algae and barnacles, protect wood and metal parts from the salt water, and help your boat move more smoothly and efficiently through the water.

Painting your boat's bottom, topsides, and deck should be viewed as an investment. Done properly, it will protect and enhance your boat, making it faster, better looking, and easier to clean.

Painting your boat

Whether you need barrier coat, bottom paint, color your hull, or put new non-skid on your deck, Bob de Groot paint services can help.

We can prepare the hull for painting and we have a number of techniques and products we use to minimise the growth of algae and barnacles on the bottom and decrease slip on the deck.

Bottom paint generally has a lifespan of a few years at most, so boats that are stored in the water will require repainting before you know it.

The best paint to choose depends on many factors, from water conditions to intended use of the boat and the paint already on the boat.

The "best" paint for any given application may not be compatible with the bottom paint already on the hull, and choosing a different paint may be preferable to stripping off old bottom paint.

What is the best Paint for Boats?

Anti-fouling paints use biocides, usually cuprous oxide or copper thiocyanate, to discourage marine organisms from growing on the hull.

Some anti-fouling paints also have anti-slime and soft growth inhibitors to further discourage algae and underwater plant life.

Ablative bottom paints are designed to be applied in a fairly thick layer that wears away like soap, constantly exposing fresh paint. Others are hard epoxy or vinyl paints impregnated with biocide, which leaches out and leaves the depleted paint on the hull.

There are also a few made with TBT substitute tin-based biocides and others, and bottom paints made with no biocide at all that are so slick that organisms cannot attach themselves firmly and can be wiped off.

Bob De Groot Paint Services use and recommend ALTEX High Performance Protective Marine Coatings.

Waterproofing and rust prevention with CRAKGON®

Many marine vessels rust around the waterline. Normally the rust needs to be cleaned and repainted yearly in a dry dock by scratching the surface first to allow paint to bond.

We offer CRAKGON® as an alternative.The amazing properties of CRAKGON® provide a waterproof seal and bond with a painted surface without requiring any scoring and as an inert substance prevents the growth of organisms.

Rust is prevented because the metal is completely sealed and not exposed to oxygen and water.Simple to apply and does no damage.


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